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I was dreaming about this business for long hoping to bring to life. Sometimes, I thought I was on the wrong track. But now, looking back, I realize that I had an opportunity to get the experience that let me clearly define what I wanted to do exactly. One day, either the circumstances were particularly favourable or just the time was right – I finally summoned all my courage to start. My dearest daughter agreed to help me in my endeavour, and her support gave me even more confidence that we were doing the right thing.

I dealt with the office routine most of my work life. I noticed that the costume, the person’s appearance determined, either their opinion would matter for the others or not. A successful choice of a high-end suit draws attention, and people want to know more about its recipient, they don’t merely hear his or her words but listen to them attentively.

It was even more interesting to me how it worked with females. What should a woman wear to look feminine and attractive but be regarded as a valuable specialist in her field at the same time? How can this subtle edge be distinguished? I have always respected ladies who could skillfully combine a sharp mind, education, and femininity. Women elegantly dressed and displaying the world the multiple facets of her female nature. That’s why I focused my attention on ladies’ costumes.

I know from experience that a costume conveys the post in the company that a person is ready to occupy respectively to her skills and knowledge. Even when she holds quite a modest position at present, her costume can imply that she is ready for promotion. Subconsciously, the others understand that. It does work, it is proved by experience. Neat lines, exquisite cut, high-end materials help us be strong both inside and outside.

Elegance and refined style spiced with intellect and femininity is a true soft power to conquer everyone around. This is a language with no words – the language of images.

That’s why I want to help office ladies look this way. I sincerely thank Evgenia Kurmaz who joined me in my venture. Our goal is to create costumes that women would enjoy to wear. They are the reflection of our outlook and life views.

As of now, our team consists of 22 people, from the owner to cleanliness manager. With time, we will introduce them all to you but most frequently, you will get in touch with us – Ludmila and Evgenia – our project’s mind, heart, and soul, its arms and legs.

Ludmila Kurmaz

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